Fleet and Drivers

Our experienced and professional drivers reliably and efficiently connect our customers to quality.

  • Experience counts: 8 years, average length of time drivers have been with BRP

  • Our 58 drivers drove 2.09 million miles in 2015 with our state-of-the-art fleet of refrigerated trucks fueled by clean diesel technology

  • Constantly expanding network of 50 routes stretching throughout New England and into the Mid-Atlantic

We currently have 50 distinct truck routes that take our fleet all over Vermont and New Hampshire, and to parts of Massachusetts, New York, Pennsylvania, and Rhode Island.

There are many moving parts behind the scenes that must work in sync in order for the day’s deliveries to run smoothly. The driver of the day’s first delivery sets out just after midnight; he is followed close behind by the driver of one of our three backhauls bound for Boston. He preps his 53’ foot trailer, which will later be stocked full of fresh produce, and seafood at Boston’s bustling markets.

In addition to our direct distribution services, our fleet and drivers make deliveries on behalf of our over 150 freight service customers, who are eager to take advantage of our delivery network and dependable team. We are proud to be an important fixture in the process by which these small business owners, farms, and artisans move their product to their established markets.

Black River supports local agriculture in many ways.  Perhaps the most important is that they pay a good price for quality.  They also understand that raising animals can be a challenge and that farmers often have to deal with unexpected issues. Black River has always been supportive and flexible.  I always feel that we are part of a team striving to bring the best possible product to the consumer.
Settlement Farm