Meat & Poultry

We supply the best chefs and butcher shops the highest quality meats focusing on local, natural, organic, and sustainably raised animal proteins from the industry’s top producers.

  • Work with our meat plant, Vermont Packinghouse, to showcase our signature Black River Meats program focused on humanely raising livestock in New England and New York.

  • Offer full range of local meats including beef, pork, lamb, poultry, game and artisanal smoked meats from network of over 30 producers.

  • Focused on transparency in livestock production and changing our agricultural landscape by producing animals the right way.

Our buying philosophy is based in local and sustainable agriculture which we feel provides exceptional products for our customers. In order to help facilitate our mission Black River invested in Vermont Packing House, a state-of-the-art USDA-approved 50,000 square-foot meat fabrication facility in North Springfield, Vermont. 

We’ve worked for over 30 years with some of the over 150 farms in our network of local farms spread out across Vermont.

Here we produce the freshest beef, pork and lamb sourced from small family farms throughout Vermont and the Northeast including beef from our own farm. Black River Meats maintains close relationships with our farm partners. All cuts produced under the name Black River Meats come from animals that are raised antibiotic free as well as free of growth hormones.  All producers are required to follow our grower protocols and sign quality control affidavits which are audited by our in house livestock coordinator regularly. Our beef, pork and lamb are all pasture raised and grain finished. It is our firm belief that this approach provides the highest quality and best-tasting products.

The Farmhouse Group has a dedicated local first purchasing philosophy with a very diverse set of product needs. Black River Produce understands our business, speaks our language, and helps provide access to local farm products that we would not otherwise be able to get our hands on. They are very much a partner in our local food purchasing mission.
Owner, The Farmhouse Group
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