Mission & Values

Locally-minded, people-centered through sustainable and fair employment and sourcing practices

  • We seek to lead in our example as an outstanding, community-oriented, Vermont company

  • Source from local, regional, and global suppliers to provide exceptional quality, value, and service to our customers

  • Committed to investing in green solutions and energy-conscious improvements to reduce our energy consumption

Giving Back // Outreach

We are proud to work in collaboration with the following organizations to support education, training, and other opportunities for the communities we serve.

Springfield Health Systems
Salvation Farms
Vermont Businesses for Social Responsibility
Vermont Food Bank
New Hampshire Farm to School
Farm to Institution New England
Vermont Technical College
Howard Dean Educational Center
Hannaford Career Center

Our Integrity

Integrity is the common thread that runs through all that we are and all that we do as a business.  We provide a quality product at a competitive price to our valued customers.  We make a fair profit to sustain a healthy company including the wellness of our employees.

Our People

We are as committed to our employees as they are committed to us.  We appreciate them as people first and as our workforce second.  We have a vested interest in our employees, and in return for their service, we provide fair compensation and recognition for a job well done.

Our Workplace

We strive to provide an environment for our people to grow personally and professionally while serving the needs of Black River Produce.  Safety, cleanliness, professionalism, collaboration, and respect for others are all qualities we promote to maintain a thriving, productive atmosphere.

Our Customers

We seek to exceed our customers’ expectations.  We listen to their needs, and strive to resolve any dissatisfaction diligently.  We are a non-bureaucratic company enabling us to quickly adapt to the changing needs of our customers.  Our goal is to be a supporting partner in their success.

Our Community

We love Vermont and value our Vermont residency.  We support many regional and local causes through donations of goods and services.  We also encourage our employees to become involved and contribute to productive community activities.

Our Environment

We are a socially responsible Vermont company.  We have high appreciation and respect for the people and the land of Vermont.  As Vermonters, we put our native common sense, independent thinking, and ingenuity to work as we seek cleaner, greener, and more energy-efficient ways to conduct our business – all for the sake of our living environment.

The Farmhouse Group has a dedicated local first purchasing philosophy with a very diverse set of product needs. Black River Produce understands our business, speaks our language, and helps provide access to local farm products that we would not otherwise be able to get our hands on. They are very much a partner in our local food purchasing mission.
Owner, The Farmhouse Group