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At Black River Produce, our goal is to exceed the expectations of our distribution customers every day. Black River distributes quality ingredients, like produce and specialty products, that add excitement to your meals and let you make your mark.

We share a passion for food with our customers and we work tirelessly to source and distribute the best products out there. From artisanal specialty products to the daily staples your establishment depends upon, we constantly work to change with you and for you.


A passion for fresh fruits & vegetables has driven our mission from the start; we continue to expand our produce distribution offerings, bringing delicious fresh produce from farms in Vermont and across the country.

In our long history as a leading produce distributor, we:

  • Maintain over 38 years of long standing relationships with over 200 local farmers.

  • Receive fresh produce daily - allowing us to turn over our inventory quickly to provide you the quality you deserve.

  • Specialize in sourcing your seasonal favorites to hard-to-find specialty produce from both local and worldwide markets.


We supply the best chefs and butcher shops the highest quality meats focusing on local, natural, organic, and sustainably raised animal proteins from the industry’s top producers.

  • Work with our meat plant, Vermont Packinghouse, to showcase our signature Black River Meats program focused on humanely raising livestock in New England and New York.

  • Offer full range of local meats including beef, pork, lamb, poultry, game and artisanal smoked meats from network of over 30 producers.

  • Focused on transparency in livestock production and changing our agricultural landscape by producing animals the right way.

We distribute the freshest and highest quality seafood, focusing on natural and sustainably sourced seafood from the industry’s best producers.

As a seafood distributor, Black River ensures:

  • Over 40,000 pounds of fish are delivered fresh to our customers every day.

  • Frequent pickups at Boston’s Seafood Market allows us to distribute only the freshest fish to our customers.

  • Seafood arrives at our FDA inspected HACCP approved facility where it is hand cut by our highly skilled staff.

We stock the best Vermont farm fresh dairy and artisan cheeses our state has to offer. The terroir of our products are second to none and the one on one relationships we share with our customers helps create a more dynamic local food system.

  • Diverse cheese selection of loyal favorites and local farmstead cheeses from over 40 New England dairies.

  • Seasonal micro-batches mixed with hard to find imports from around the globe.

  • Commitment to quality extends to the careful handling, storage, and delivery of all dairy products.

From hard to find ingredients to mainstay staples, our specialty items enable our clients to offer the authentic flavors with global influence.

  • Proudly source quality dry goods and ingredients from all over the globe.

  • Carry a full line of domestic and imported spices and specialty ingredients for the most sophisticated chefs and the most demanding customers.

  • Expanding line of diet conscious alternatives, including gluten-free and dairy-free items.

From regular weekly deliveries to event orders, we specialize in supplying our customers with a variety of wholesale flowers and freshly cut greens to suit their decorating and special occasion needs.

  • Brighten your business or special event with custom arrangements.

  • Both local and imported flowers available.

  • Colorful bunches and single stem varieties perfect for retail outlets. 

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