We distribute the freshest and highest quality seafood, focusing on natural and sustainably sourced seafood from the industry’s best producers.

As a seafood distributor, Black River ensures:

  • Over 40,000 pounds of fish are delivered fresh to our customers every day.

  • Pickups at Boston’s Seafood Market five days a week, allowing us to distribute only the freshest fish to our customers.

  • Seafood arrives at our FDA inspected HACCP approved facility where it is hand cut by our highly skilled staff.

Five days a week, we select the finest and freshest seafood from the Boston Fish Market and transport it back to our Vermont facility for our customers. As a full service seafood distributer, we source our fresh and frozen seafood products from all over the world to assure the best quality at a competitive price for you.

We specialize in satisfying the best chefs and the highest quality seafood retailers in the region. Our state of the art seafood facility allows us to showcase the pride we take in our quality. We highlight fresh sustainable seafood from our New England waters and the fishermen who catch them. Black River supplies quality seafood throughout Rhode Island, Connecticut, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Vermont and beyond.


The Farmhouse Group has a dedicated local first purchasing philosophy with a very diverse set of product needs. Black River Produce understands our business, speaks our language, and helps provide access to local farm products that we would not otherwise be able to get our hands on. They are very much a partner in our local food purchasing mission.
Owner, The Farmhouse Group