Warehouses & Crew

The heart of our operation, our warehouse crew packs each order with care.

  • Think big, think fresh: seven zoned refrigerated warehouse ensures proper handling

  • High rate of inventory turnover means the very freshest deliveries

  • Over 12,000 cases leave warehouse per day 

With over 60,000 square feet of warehouse space at our headquarters and seven different refrigerated sections, we control temperature and humidity to make certain our inventory is properly stored and handled before our customers receive it. Our 51,000 square foot specialty seafood processing center and warehouse is similarly a highly maintained environment.

Our warehouse and its crew serves as the hub of our business. Working around the clock, our warehouse team is responsible for receiving, inspecting, and organizing product, as well as selecting product for delivery.

Donning headsets, selectors in our piecework, casework, and seafood department carefully and quickly gather accurate orders for our customers.

We are constantly investing in our facility and operations to ensure that we can continue to improve upon the level of service we provide our customers, as well as the environmental footprint of that effort. The 1,495 solar panels perched on the roof of our warehouse and garage are capable of producing over a megawatt of energy a day. Paired with revamped lighting and a move to computer controlled refrigerators, our facility runs efficiently and powers the daily service we provide our customers.

The Farmhouse Group has a dedicated local first purchasing philosophy with a very diverse set of product needs. Black River Produce understands our business, speaks our language, and helps provide access to local farm products that we would not otherwise be able to get our hands on. They are very much a partner in our local food purchasing mission.
Owner, The Farmhouse Group