Our Beef

We’re happy to share our secret to producing the finest tasting,all-natural beef! The combination of superior genetics, humane farming practices and high quality diet all influence the rich marbling and delicate flavor that is characteristic of our beef.

Why Our Beef is Different

Our cattle are only fed a 100% vegetarian diet without the use of antibiotics or hormones. Strict standards dictate the humane handling of our cattle during transport, providing a low-stress environment throughout their lives.

We recently talked with Dr. Oz about the importance of knowing where your beef comes from.


We begin with the highest quality breeds – all of our cattle are genetically Angus. This is noteworthy because other so-called Angus programs are not as strict as ours, allowing the cattle to qualify as Angus solely because of their hide or color. Additionally, our beef is graded USDA Choice or Prime – the highest rankings for tenderness,juiciness and flavor.

Our Angus cattle are born and raised on small, family ranches in Idaho, Utah, the Pacific Northwest and the Midwest. They have ample grazing room on pasture and are finished on grain. Our calves are weaned at an older age than the industry standard to allow more time on pasture with their mothers.

Find out more by reading our raising protocols.

The NFL’s Championship game produces some of the year’s highest volume avocado sales, second only to Cinco de Mayo. As consumers race to the stores in the days prior, it is important to have pre-ripened fruits allowing your customers the option of ready-to-eat. Providing your customers different options of ripeness can be critical in driving up your avocado sales in the week leading up to February 4th.

Creative Displays

Be creative and arrange eye catching displays to take on a theme or colorful design. Eye appealing presentations of products offer a perceived value to your customers. Businesses spend big money creating product packaging that is appealing and attention grabbing aiding that concept of perceived value. Your produce display is no exception, so be sure to give it the proper attention.

Cross Merchandise

Create a destination (or multiple) containing items purchased in association with the big game. Putting some value added and core items in one area can help ensure they don’t forget the cilantro.

Bring in the professionals

This is also the perfect time to reach out to your vendors for in store demos! There is no better time to capture new revenue and allow customers to try new products. Pre-game shopping is chalk full of high impulse purchases and consumers are more open to ideas of serving deliciously different alternatives to friends and family.

If you can’t get your vendors out, create your own demo. Gather the items needed to make your own dips or salsas for customers to try. Print out recipe cards with an item check list, as well as which isles they can be found in.

With a little imagination and some cross merchandising you can give your customers a hassle free shopping experience while at the same time boosting profits. Create a game plan where everyone can score and walk away feeling like a winner.


Peaches, cherries, apriums, nectarines, apricots, pluots, mangoes, and plums are all categorized under the name "Stone Fruit" due to their large,hard, stone-like pits.

Right now is the best time to enjoy these tasty fruits! As we transition from hearty caloric winter meals to a lighter summer diet, let's not over look the flavor and versatility of these amazingly delicious fruits. How would you prepare them? Whether baked, poached, grilled or sauteed, they are the perfect addition to anyone's summer diet. Their peak season is between June and September so remain on the lookout and you can be among the first to offer them to your consumers.

Congratulations to Executive Chef Sean Miller of The Foundry at Summit Pond in Killington, who led his team to a silver medal at the 5th Annual American Culinary Federation Competition in Saratoga Springs, NY.

One of his winning menu items included, a “Pan-seared hake with chilled beluga lentil and avocado salad with plum vinaigrette, compressed plums, micro-green salad and herb oil.”

Read more about the invitation-only, Chopped-style competition here.

We spotted a recent article about Ethan Gevry, who started raising hogs for Black River Meats when he was just 16. He is now one of our largest hog suppliers. You can view the full article, published in the Acorn Champlain Valley Local Food & Farm Guide, via the link below. Congrats on being recognized Ethan for your hard work!

“At 19 (turning 20 this summer), Ethan Gevry’s is Vermont’s largest hog producer. According to Gevry, he raises over 2,500 hogs a year, almost all of which is sells to Black River Meats in North Springfield. Gevry’s Champlain Valley Farms is one of six producers for Black River’s heritage pork line of products.”

Read the full article here.